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The Spinster House

Make Tea! Not Love!

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Welcome to the Spinster House

Have you ever felt as though the world around you is pressuring you into relationships? Into finding a man? Settling down? Having kids? Don't want to? Don't blame you. This community is for all of the single women out there who have greater goals in life than marriage and procreation. Think of it as a type of support group for you to just bitch about whatever you so desire without anybody criticizing you for it, or even worse, pulling any of that smug happy relationship crap on you.

The one thing we will not do, however, is provide that sort of blind encouragement to go off and find a man. If you want that, this is the wrong place for you. It's not that we're against relationships. It's just that since we hear that everywhere else, there's no need to bring it here. That being said, welcome to the community!